Hi. It’s been a while. And I’m unfortunately bringing bad news. If you haven’t noticed there has been a long hiatus from newsletter posts and updates on our app. This is because I have not been feeling up to the task of representing and creating content for this idea any longer…
The Autobiography of Sidney Poitier
I read the book Entrepreneur Rollercoaster recently, and it got me thinking about reading. Reading is limited. Like a good business, it’s focused …
Hello, Friends. With another year down at the Club, I began thinking about how it all started. Just a whisper of intuition has led to this moment…
These 2 Books Changed My Life ForeverListen now (8 min) | The value of books is immeasurable. But the most important thing is in application from them Some of my favorite ones are…
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Learning what emotional maturity is and isn't
🥷🏽 The War of Art & Battle Cry 🤺
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