Books Are Brain Gold

What's the future look like?

It’s currently 6:29 AM and I’m writing an email about a place I can see but does not exist.

Gone from riding dirty to angel investor.

Books are the 🔑

Reading is like clearing the brush or mowing the lawn. It reveals clarity and purpose.

Can I tell you a secret? Our next upcoming club collection entry is Black Skin, White Masks, by Frantz Fanon. Have you read it?

There should be a floor plan for how we integrate new technology into black communities.

Things like 5G coverage, package routing, VR rooms.

We need 3d printer bars in the hood.

Everything Idris is working on.

Memories in the future I hope. Seeing things change in the 2020s.

There are over 500 people reading along now and I’m thrilled to have you with The Club while we’re on this journey.

As this little newsletter has become concert-sized I’ve been building up a catalogue of the best books and content from black engineers around.

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