Ego is the Enemy


1:30:20, 11.21 AM Buy the book here: ### Note on the author Having apprenticed under Robert Greene, who wrote *[The 48 Laws of Power](*, Ryan Holiday went on to become director of marketing for American Apparel. He was a marketing genius and build enormous reach for big brands and authors alike. But recently his focus shifted a lot. Since then, he’s published three books about Stoicism, lives a humble life in Texas and spends a lot of his time writing. Looks like he’s learned how to keep his ego in check. Let's learn from him. Ego Is The Enemy describes a tendency to believe the world revolves around us and us alone. It holds us back from living the life we truly desire and how we can overcome it and become the greatest version of ourselves. ### Aspire ### Success ### Failure Live without wasted time - Detroit Red was a criminal mastermind, robbery, ran numbers, sold drugs, pimped, and a little bit of everything else. That was until he was caught and booked for 10 years. Detroit Red had lost himself and found himself in a hole in the ground with no way out. Robert Green has said there is two types of time in our lives. **Alive time (learning, acting, and utilizing everything)** and **dead time (passive and waiting).** Every moment holds the choice for us, alive time or dead time. Detroit Red choose to be alive. And be reborn into Malcolm X. Reading became his obsession. History, relgiion, philosophy, classics. They would ask him later on what his alma malder was. He replied, Books. Books granted Malcolm X the freedom of the mind. Acceptance, humility and strength are the pilers of combating the ego. Turn shit to sugar. Don’t let a stubbornness make a bad situation worse Success is peace of mind - self satisfaction - because you did the best to become the best Ambition ties your wellbeing to what others have to say or do Sanity means tying it to your own actions. Do your job. Let go, and let God do His work. The world can show you the truth but no one can force you to accept it. You need to clear out the baggage and return to the real you. The greatest enemy is ego and It's sidekick is denial. Hitting the bottom is the worst thing. But immersing and living it creates a strength Even Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. His ego out of control Steve sold all but 1 share of the company he helped founded.. But something happened was that he was humbled. Steve had to prove himself again and did. The Steve we know now is the iPhone creator and a new renaissance of consumer tech. He was only able to do that because he recognized this error and removed his ego. If we don't take control of ourselves there's only one thing that we can guarantee. Ego will seek out failure — it's true north. Push through with strength not ego and you're unstoppable. Buy the book here: