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Teen Hacker to Startup Founder

We’ve all got stories…

This one isn’t one you want to miss.

Our exclusive interview with Rodney Gainous Jr on his new book First Quarter is now live!

Click this link to check it out.

We think it’s a conversation that in these unprecedented times could be a sign of hope and possibility. Here’s an excerpt from the back of the book:

“The first quarter of anyone’s life is a time of change and discovery, but for Rodney Gainous Jr his first 25 years had more in store for him than most.

From gaming addiction to the scary world of Cancer, PTSD, and ADHD; this is a young man who has already seen and experienced a lot.

He knows what it means to go broke, and to take larger than life risks to launch his own comeback. Be inspired, be energized, and have the confidence to be all you can be; just like Rodney Gainous Jr has dared to do.”

Click this link to check it out.