Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass


Get the book here: At 27 years old Frederick Douglass authored a groundbreaking autobiography on his life as a slave. Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass endured an amount of pain and suffering not many could withstand. Beaten and abused, left for near death and afraid for his life on a daily basis. But something about Douglass that was special. A keen eye. Aware and always listening. At 8 a wife of his slave master began to teach him how to read, until the slave master found out. He still learned just enough about the alphabet to figure it out from there. He taught himself and became one of the most powerful speakers in his time. And when he couldn't take it anymore as a grown man Douglass refused to be whipped and instead beat his master. Cunning, brave, and resourceful. He fled for his freedom, married, and moved North and set himself at the center of the abolition of slavery debate. He fought his entire life for the freedom of all peoples. But to be honest, to understand Frederick Douglass and the struggle he fought you must understand that it's important to note that the philosophy that Frederick Douglass wrote and spoke of about freedom is the same republicanism ideal of the Declaration of Independence. The profoundness of the connection is something whites in the North including Abe Lincoln, who famously looked towards the Declaration of Independence as probable reason, legally, to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and later to abolish slavery in the south. A linkage that engraved his ideas in the foundation of America. Born a slave but more American then the entire lot. A true founding father of the country. Get the book here: