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Boys VS Men

There is a point in a boys life where he must transcend the naive emotional games taught by society and taken on the responsibility of the world. We have enough boys wearing masks pretending to be men. We need cool men under pressure who know what they want.

Book of The Week - No More Mr Nice Guy

This week’s book of the week is a book in our collectionNo More Mr Nice Guy.

There has been a dulling of masculinity this generation as society has become easier and easier.

A false idea that for men, “kindness” will get you respect and honor.

Far from the case.

Many men that put on this “Nice Guy” persona hold deeply contrasting opinions with the ideas they agree to in the public sphere.

Lying to themselves does nothing to help anyone and only builds a deep resentment.

Uncontrollable, emotional, and mask wearing men are the biggest threat to a peaceful world.

If we are to become whole again, as men we must realign what we really want with what we say.

Hold your word by not giving it when you don’t really believe it.

No one wants a nice guy.

Break free from the delusion. Take a quick listen to our audio notes on the book and check it out for yourself if you want.

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