No More Mr Nice Guy


No More Mr Nice Guy Written By Robert A. Glover Get the book here: The world isn't what our mothers told us it would be. I remember growing up thinking that being nice is the way to receive respect and praise. A world based on kindness. A childish believe. Nice guys finish last. Ever wonder where the quote comes from? When we were kids, we were the center of the universe. There's no fault in a child's joy and fearless travels into the world. The world is open and free. Free from pain, free from sorrow, free from responsibility. When I was younger, I grew up in a single parent single child home. My father was not apart of my life. I was showered in the way of compliments about how I was special, how I would be something special. That me being kind was my power. It was a lie. A sweet lie like a candy sucker or refreshing like a cold glass of water on a hot day. It felt good, but never lasted. Nice guys grow up being told these things, not realizing that when they face any type of abandonment they act out. Being alone, given unrealistic expectations, being shamed, all made me not let people know of my problems, but internalize them. Build resentment, hate, anger. A deep anger that it has taken me years to mature out of. Do you really wanna be the good guy? You have wants don't you? You have things within your grip that may ruffle some feathers. So what. What if you went and got it? The fear that is kept in nice guys is that if someone gets close and can unravel the fake skin they'll see the truth below the layer of lies. The weaknesses revealed, the nice guy feels naked and ashamed. Like a little boy begging for his mommy to come clean up his diaper. Nice guys build walls to keep others away. Wimps are afraid of conflict and hide from it. It's a natural response from those ill-equipped for combat. Don't hide in fear, face life with courage. I was once a nice guy. And it nearly destroyed me. Keep your circle honest with you, seek help, be vulnerable, be courageous, adapt, and unleash your alpha energy onto the world. Get the book here: