Slow and Steady Wins the Race

How this Ancient Idea is the Cheat Code to our Dopamine Rich World

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“It's more difficult to rule yourself then to rule a city.” - Jordan Peterson

Every day is an opportunity to try again.

Try again at our passions, vices, and grief.

To try not to let our insecurities rule our minds.

To try not to let what we can’t control determine our outlook on the things we can.

The biggest opportunity is to ignore the noise.

Our preoccupation with sex and power.

And focus the attention on how to be a virtuous man.

As ego slips in and tells you about all the good you did do.

Instead of always realigning us to what good you are doing and will do.

I guess that’s why we love to let everyone know how far we’ve come.

But what is it to succeed when the virtues we hammer home are just swiped away blurbs of feel-good quotes?

Missions have deliverables. Things we come home with.

The most important of those things isn’t the money or accolades.

It’s the example you set with your actions each and every day.

So we’re building up our values, our virtues.

I’ve found the most concrete values come from the oldest ideas.

Things that work stick around, and I believe stoicism is great medicine for the world we live in.

Stoicism means that virtue is the highest good. And to live stoically is to live poised, unmoved by what they cannot control.

“A strong soul is better than good luck” - The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

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