Stillness Is The Key


By Ryan Holiday Buy it here: If you're new to Philosophy this book is perfect for you. It's all about weaving wisdom from all eras and ideologies into a rabbit hole of truth. A strong mind in a strong body. This is the goal of Stillness is the Key. Why do we suffer without being in pain? Why is it that we can't sit still and always are on the move. Peace is when we realize victory and defeat work on the same spectrum. Showing heart isn’t showing emotion. It’s tenacity and grit. To be lost in the forest is the standard nature of a creative. You can't solve it You can't control it You have to be above it Stillness is about being in zen Floating. Natural. Above the clouds if you could say. I recently had a conversation about relaxing in stressful times. Being workaholics and not having an off button. Stillness is more than about not working. Stillness is about being in tune with what you need. Mind Body Spirit To live "The Good Life" requires escapes that don't involve distraction. Games, TV, and social media are not a way to wind down they wind us up. For **Peace** you must be in constant contact with what is inside of you. We want to build lives we don't have to escape from. “It is a painful crossroads... We try to ignore the existential crisis that is boiling to the surface piling on top of them meaningless consumption, more ambition, and the delusion that doing more and more of the same will eventually bring about different results.” - Ryan Holiday Being still and quiet, alone, at rest. These are not weaknesses to shun away from. To unlock yourself like a chest you must give up the things you think will help you become still. Stoicism is all about being at one with the moments we have every day. That any option is on the table and all options are A-Okay. Stillness is the key follows that same idea, and gives you a pathway towards a balanced mind, body, and soul. Buy it here: