Sunday Collection: Learning How To Learn

⚡️ How anyone can go from no knowledge of a skill to a man with a deadly weapon

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Ultralearning: Learning How To Learn Will Change Your Life

Knowledge is a eureka moment.

It’s the accumulation of failures wrapped in the hamster wheel of fractional steps forward.

Walking across a frozen-over lake with each step, the only consequence you hold is looking back.

We make it across that frozen lake every day.

Maybe not in the hunter-gather sense.

But in perpetual motion with all things.

I took that step when I dropped out of college and started my first startup.

I had very little knowledge of the space but was hungry to learn as much as I could.

I started to learn a lot.


I think it was because in school you would test for things.

In a startup, you have to build the foundations of the idea to test for.

So doing, not talking.

Nowadays, I like to call it my Startup MBA.

Author Scott Young calls it Ultralearning.

And his ideas have sounded so familiar to my own stories of learning about tech and coding.

Our skills and trade are always evolving.

We live in an increasingly on-demand world.

So being dynamic is an incredible skill to own.

We should be trying to learn everything we can.

The more you soak up, the more the habit of learning takes root.

And when you are making learning as fun as a competitive sport, your entire life may change.

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