The 3 Tenets of BMBC

As we proceed into building the future, we want to remind everyone what we're all about.

Who We Are & Who We Are Not

We read a lot, but we know little. Here are 3 things we know for sure:

The People First, Truth & Wisdom Guide Us, & Intelligence Is In Application.

There are moments in history where signs point to the collective unraveling of systems of old and a renaissance of the new.

I believe we, Black People, Black Men, are at the crust of something big and new.

We are aware and excited to see developments around us. We are skeptical like anyone who may be skeptical of our club.

Intent matters.

Culture is to be built upon and cherished, not used, and manipulated.

Before we get into it…

As we wrap up our iOS Beta we’re looking for suggestions on how to make the app amazing for the community.

If you had a moment to share any ideas about what you think could make BMBC a community you would want to share, please check out our feedback board!

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But let’s go. Here are our tenets broke down:

The People First

What do Robin Hood, Malcolm X, and Scarface (this Scarface) have in common?

They know the will of the people is more important than any head of a movement. If we want to move the culture forward, we must be with the people. That doesn’t mean the highest educated. The elite, bougie, and ‘Initiated’.

We aren't above the poorest, ill-educated, undisciplined of us. In fact, the lessons from our culture span past any institution white or black created. We desire for a playing field where the winner is dictated by their skills, morals, and virtues only.

Truth & Wisdom Guide Us

We investigate first. We investigate the truth like a crime scene. We look at every piece of evidence because the truth isn’t comfortable. In fact, we thrive in being uncomfortable and vulnerable because we know it’s the only space we have where we can truly grow.

We don’t ban, blame, or hide. Truth enlightens and we follow that tenet. We want to create Black Men who are Self Taught aka Autodidacts.

Intelligence Is In Application

Reading every book in our collection is great. Taking action because of what you read is even better. In an oversaturated world, where everyone wants your time we want you chasing your dreams first and foremost.

Our platform is built to be that bridge.

We want to be what Alain Locke was to the Harlem Renaissance.

When Alexander the Great’s father brought Aristotle to teach him. It was not to teach him to be a philosopher. But to lead his armies with wisdom even in the face of mutiny.

So What Now?

We’re working to release the mobile app soon and your feedback and advice along the way help us do that.

So send feedback, drop a note, keep grinding and pushing and we’ll keep the pressure up.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


The Team at BMBC

If you have a moment to share any ideas about what you think could make BMBC a community you would want to be apart of, please check out our feedback board!

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