The Power of Habit

Sunday Mafia Newsletter

We’re here to break the cycle.

Don’t Get Caught Asleep At The Wheel

Does it sound crazy when I see you can do things every day and not be conscious of it?

If it does sound crazy.

Or sound like I’ve been inside maybe a little too long…

You should read The Power of Habit.

Habits stick and your brain have no preference, so if you have bad habits they'll lurk in your self-conscious awaiting cues and rewards.

What is the habit loop?

Step 1: Cue → Step 2: Routine → Step 3: Reward

Cravings power the bait loop

Find a cue, define a reward. The routine is the product/activity/action

Habits create neurological cravings that emerge gradually enough that we're not aware of their influence on the brain.

Addictive behaviors are maintained and apart of a suppressed habit loop. Lots of actions are apart of addictions.

Small wins can change your life. Try starting a new habit once a week.

Willpower is the most important keystone habit to build.

When at the point of most temptation to break a habit and revert to an old or bad one — you need to find a way to communicate with yourself a step by step plan to stay on course.

The world may be out of my control. But I am in control of myself.

Check the book out today.

If you missed it last week I dropped an interview Monday that has been blowing up in certain…

People who know, know to watch it.

This clip gives you a good taste

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That’s all I’ve got today, see you next Sunday.

Jordan ✌🏽