The Rational Male


Authored by Rollo Tomassi Link to book: These notes were written by Rodney Gainous and edited by Jordan Coin Jackson So what is a "Rational Make' in 2020? To Author Rollo Tomassi many men are sleep. it's all about Opening your eyes. The world is as nuts as you think it is, the pain you feel is real, the eyes looking to you - as a man - are real. The world softens us up when we're a kid. Isn't it true that those around us tend to keep us under their control? As If we're hulk or some sort of monster that needs to be caged up? Real power is the ability we have to control the direction of our lives We've had the keys to our prisons our entire life, fear stops us You can't negotiate desire. You don't want a woman to feel obliged to have sex with you. You want her to desire it. Any relationship should be based on genuine desire. Experience teaches harshly but it teaches the best. There's no better teacher than being burnt by a stove. If you want her, or you want something, you have to have genuine desire. If you fail? Learn from it. As Men, we want to be attractive to women. No doubt. But we shouldn't be fake to get their attention. Play to your strengths. You're the one with options. Get rid of the fantasies in your head and come back down to the solid ground. Because The cultural "solution" to masculinity has been designed to keep the mind in a female mentality. And the same mothers who made the men of this generation are surprised their daughters aren't married. There are trends in the world that are unseen but all around us. But wake up. Come see the world in it's truth. Link to book: