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To Win We Must Combat Our Biggest Enemy. Ourselves.

“One of the things that i’ve noticed about a lot of people is they let the hardships in their lives, failures, to dust themselves off and try again.” - Everette Taylor

Book of The Week - Ego Is The Enemy

This week’s book of the week is a book in our collection, Ego is the Enemy.

It’s a book about fighting the one enemy we all collectively share. Ourselves.

To give you a taste of what it’s all about I’ve made some audio notes for it I think you would enjoy.

It’s about 3 minutes, (same length as Roddy Rich - High Fashion. Ha.) and packed full of highlights from the book.

Check it out -

If you enjoy it, I highly recommend getting the full book here.

Checkout these 🔥 links we can use to combat our ego at every angle.

Links To Challenge Our Assumptions

You think you know what’s popping? Find trends in topics before they go big.

2020s coming in hot… Learn about what the decade may have in store for us.

Always have a backup. Get alternatives to google products to enhance your privacy.

What do you think you know? Learn about philosopher Alan Watts and how to find the real you.

Combat the ego with wisdom! Soak up rare keys about the importance of wisdom.

That’s all I’ve got today, see you next Sunday.

Jordan ✌🏽

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