Wow, We're Blown Away

How we are building a new path in our ever changing world


We want to thank ya’ll for signing up and using our iOS app.

More than 100+ of you have checked out our beta and listened to some of our hacked summaries.

Having club members let us know they’ve bought books because of our summaries is exactly why we do it.

It’s a process and a blessing to build out these new experiences and I’m glad to say we’re pushing more and more to have a general release.

If you haven’t checked out our new iOS beta there’s still time to sign up for the release. Follow this link to sign up!

Bridges and Tires

We’re working to build a platform that highlights black success and teaches us in a way that is sorta like what genius did for lyrics.

Clarified what artists meant, got a community involved, and created a one stop shop to understand a musician in a fuller way.

We want to create an experience that brings together Black Men and the shared love of reading and want your feedback to keep creating dope stuff for the community.

We put together a quick survey where we’ll be giving away an audible credit to one lucky person who fills it out.

It really helps us understand more about what the community wants so if you have any opinions on the beta, please don’t hesitate to fill out our survey, or hit us up directly at

Expect more updates as we ramp up for our launch, have a good rest of your weekend!