Sunday Collection: 5 Books Every Black Man Should Read Before 25

#4 Ego is the Enemy

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Welcome to The Sunday Collection

Sundays are for books.

We’ll be highlighting a book or a collection of books we think will help you strive forward in life.

We’re starting with five books every black man should read before 25.

Our third book was on No More Mr. Nice Guy; read it here.

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Book #4: Ego is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday

Ego is the Enemy is a book about the destructive power of our minds.

The Ego can wreck careers. The Ego can ruin families. The Ego can make you bitter.

The Ego is the ever-present opponent literally in your head.

Why should young black men read this book?

As black men maturing in the world today, it’s essential to stay aware of our egos.

It’s acceptable to the mainstream to lash out with your Ego.

It is buying cars, flashing cash, being degenerate in society as a man is a lashing out.

It cannot be in our nature to feel in control only if the Ego is served.

It’s the path towards destruction.

As we get older, it’s more and more important to come face to face with our egos.

Because when we face our egos, we’re given an opportunity for alignment.

A chance to say okay, I do want this thing, girl, job, car, lifestyle.

It’s driving me towards that.

I need to fulfill it, so I feel safe and secure.

Your Ego shouldn’t be driving the car of your life.

But it has a great power to be unleashed if you can channel it.

What’s the Takeaway?

The alignment of your mind, heart, and spirit is the most important thing a man can do as he is becoming of age.

I know when I first read Ego is the Enemy, I was shocked by the descriptive and painfully relatable ways the Ego has an unquenching thirst for admiration and attention.

It’s not all of us.

It’s just another important part of us all.

It’s important to remember we cannot run from what we want.

We can transcend the want, though.

We can transcend it and become more of what we’ve already always been.


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